Pet Odors

Accidents can and will happen. Vomit and urine spots are not just unsightly but also smell bad and can harbor illness causing bacteria. It also causes staining on the carpet, or furniture fabric, lowering its value.

Fresh & Clean!

Odor removal with our pet odor removal service.

Guaranteed to leave your carpets fresh and clean!


Fortunately, Aqua-Tek has the solution! We use our special Ultra Violet Urine Locator to locate affected areas. 99% of the time urine is located in places you least expect! We then proceed to have these areas neutralized and steam cleaned so the smell will be eradicated or minimized. It is important that the area is treated as soon as possible, as time is crucial in getting the stain removed and also to stop the urine from seeping through to the underlay.


After the stain is removed we highly recommend fabric protection. If you are interested in having fabric protector applied to your carpets or upholstery please ask us about our fabric protection.


Don’t let urine take over your home, call the pros at Aqua-Tek today! 678-765-2129 or 404-952-9944.

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