Vinyl Flooring

At Aqua-Tek, our carpet cleaning services redefine the meaning of clean. Our trained and experienced technicians us the industry’s latest and most effective cleaning solutions to ensure superior results. 24/7 emergency service available.


​Vinyl Floor Cleaning :

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is one of the most commonly used commercial flooring solutions. With our custom maintenance plan we can make sure that your VCT is looking squeaky clean. Aqua-Tek provides a wide variety of VCT maintenance services for commercial buildings of any size. These services include:


VCT Tile Cleaning :

Cleaning is the simplest step in our VCT maintenance program. For smaller spaces it typically involves thoroughly vacuuming and mopping the area. We are also able to effectively clean large VCT spaces with our scrubbing machines. Proper cleaning methods provide many benefits such as: helping to eliminate rapid re-soiling, protecting manufacturer warranties, and providing value.


VCT Stripping & Finishing :

Finish works as a barrier against contaminants and undesired substances. Over time these contaminants can sink into the layers of your finish; making them look dirty. Stripping your VCT involves completely removes every layer of finish down to the tile. The bare tiles are cleaned and neutralized. Several layers of new finish are then applied to the floor, leaving behind a beautiful shine.


VCT Floor Buffing :

Buffing provides that high level of gloss that many of our customers are looking for. Usually buffing involves thoroughly cleaning the area and adding another layer of finish to replace the wear layers that were lost. Buffing keeps your floors safe and bright between stripping and finishing services.
You can keep your floor looking brilliant with a customized maintenance plan from Aqua-Tek. Our qualified technicians are VCT experts that know what type of service you need and when you need it.


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